Genetic selection

For more than 40 years, the company has specialised in the genetic selection of poultry by developing, over the years, the production and distribution of breeder Muscovy, mule and Pekin ducklings, Landes grey and Rhine white geese and pigeons.


Grimaud Frères Sélection has developed its selection programmes in collaboration with INRA (National Agronomic Research Institute) and SYSAAF (French Syndicate of Poultry and Aqua-cultural Selection programs). It uses the most modern of animal selection means and methods (BLUP, electronic identification, molecular biology, ultrasound measures, etc.). Finally, Grimaud Frères Sélection benefits from the knowledge developed within the Groupe Grimaud by its sister companies in chicken and pig breeding.

Genetic selection has the ultimate objective of meeting the requirements of consumers across the World. To do that, the sales managers identify the various products needed for different markets. Then, the genetic improvement programmes are prepared by the Research and Development department in collaboration with the technical and sales managers. These programmes integrate all the industry steps: reproduction, incubation, fattening and slaughter, with the objective of obtaining products with balanced performance, particularly with regard to reproduction and growth.

Over and above supplying breeders, the company performs production site visits and on-site technical and practical trainings.

We offer technical assistance to our customers using our high genetic potential poultry with rearing guides and technical expert visits to the customer.

The entire sales team is at your complete disposition to supply you with any extra information you may need.

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