Welcome !

Dear Internaut, welcome to Grimaud Frères Sélection.

We are a multi-species selection and breeding operator in the service of the waterfowls and festive poultry field.

Certified ISO 9001 since 1995, our organisation ensures you continuous sanitary rigour and permanent control of the physical quality of our products allowing full expression of the animal's genetic potential.

Discover the range of poultry we offer: breeder ducks and geese supplied at the age of 1 day, young or adult breeder pigeons, and industrial or festive commercial poultry sold at 1 day old or in the form of hatching eggs, such as Muscovy, Mule and Pekin ducklings, Landes grey goslings and Rhine white goslings, free range and label turkey poults.

Enjoy your visit to Grimaud Frères Sélection!

Groupe Grimaud